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Working it out together

The individual members of any team will invariably have different personalities, but to cooperate, they must (be able to) strive to arrive at a consensus of opinion.

This means that the composition of a team and the internal interaction within that team needs to be reviewed seriously and regularly. Without doubt you, as a manager, have the required skills and knowledge to perform your duties. You have determinded the required strategy and the necessary competencies. You consider that every position in your team is adequately filled. Even then the interaction of each individual on his/her work environment can mean that the person concerned is, or can become, less effective than was preconceived.

These are all aspects that can contribute to a decline in productivity and a feeling of work pressure.

I aim to work it out together with you and your team members, and as a result improve the level of performance and cooperation. If necessary, together we will find other possible solutions.

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