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HMC web

Working it out together

HMC stands for Heseltine-Mok Consultants: a small consultancy firm with a large angle.


HMCweb is the starting point in the journey of discovery along the various activities of Eliane Heseltine-Mok.
Do you want to work out with me how your team can function better? Go to HMC.
Do you want someone to show you the way in the maze of the Dutch health care system? Go to Autarkia Advies only in dutch. Are you looking for an accessible holiday? Go to Gareaux d’Home.
Who am I? Look at my profile.

Familiar questions?

Do the members of my team work well together?
Is the composition of my team optimal?
Is the full team potential realised?
Are my team’s ideas correctly communicated to the customer?
Are my team’s decisions, proposals and advice reached in the best way?
Which aspects of our business are considered efficient by our staff?
Are there efficiency bottlenecks and what can we do about them?
Is energymanagement a new “hype”, or something I can use?
Can I implement culture changes within our organisation in a tangible way?

Please ask me your questions, so that I can advise you (completely without obligation) of my philosophy and working practices and offer you a proposal for a programme, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

This programme may vary, depending upon an estimation of your (business) situation, from meetings designed to optimise your business operation, to teambuilding, or to energy- or stressmanagement. A number of different management tools can be used in order to reach the different goals, including the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorĀ®).