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Working it out together


Many companies show a reluctance to investigate the effects of ‘stress’ and ‘work pressure’ because they associate the terms with sickleave and management failure. Therefore, whenever someone raises the issue of stressmanagement, the initial response is:

  • this doesn’t apply to us, we have a very good working atmosphere, or
  • that is a personal problem, or
  • it will take too much time.
  • If one waits too long to address the problem and personnel become ill, the situation can become irreversible. Stressmanagement is not intended to be a cure, but is a preventive method. Generally speaking, even in the “best-run” organisations and teams minor irritations arise. Often these occur due to existing business practices. In other cases the cause can be the result of team members not working together at an optimal level, or that an individual does not properly fit inot the needs of that function. These sort of situations cost a lot of unnecessary energy.

    By investigating and, where necessary address, these situations in time, major problems can be avoided.